Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child or student get a Chromebook? Students in grade levels that have been identified as getting Chromebooks must have a completed User Agreement for a Chromebook to be assigned to them.

Student Chromebook User Agreement Student Chromebook User Agreement - Spanish

Is there an insurance option for student Chromebooks? Yes, use the linked forms below to get started. Please keep in mind that payments are made directly to Worth Ave Insurance Company.

2019-2020 Student Chromebook Insurance Flyer

2019-2020 Student Chromebook Insurance Flyer - Spanish

How do I, as a MSD Wayne employee, request software or hardware? Use the linked forms to request software or hardware. Be sure to refer to the Technology Procurement Guidelines prior to completing any forms. Teachers, be sure you have your administrator's approval before filling out any form.

Technology Procurement Guidelines

Digital Resource Request Form (software)

Technology Hardware Purchase Request Form

How do I, as a MSD of Wayne employee, purchase software for my personal device? To purchase software for your personal device, use the link below to access the Wayne Hub. Please keep in mind, that IT Services cannot help with troubleshooting this process we are simply providing a partner with which you can work. For any questions, please contact Kivuto Soultions by clicking on the help tab at the top of the page.

Wayne Hub for personal software purchasing

My Chromebook has been surplussed to me via the Bridging the Gap program. How do I remove it from Wayne's management system?Use the directions on the How to Make Your Chromebook Your Own document to complete this task. Remember this will only work on Chromebooks that have been surplussed to students.

Where can I get my Bridging the Gap device repaired? There are a number of options close by. Use the link below to find a location that works for you.

Nearby options for Chromebook repair

How do I submit a technology repair request? Repair requests are made through School Dude. Use the links below to learn more.

Setting Up Your School Dude Account

I'm leaving Wayne but want to make sure I can take some of my Google Drive files with me? First of all, we are sad to see you go! Use the links below to access how to documents.

Exporting data with Google Takeout

Transfer Wayne Google data to personal Google account with Takeout Transfer

How do I use NetSupport in our school's computer labs? NetSupport is a digital management tool found in computer labs across Wayne Township. NetSupport allows teachers to monitor student computers while in the lab. NetSupport also allows teachers to remotely share screens and resources to students while in labs.

NetSupport Features