Chromebook & Tablet Help

Chromebook and tablet help can be achieved a variety of ways and is dependent on the nature of the problem. The following information will allow families to get to the right place for support.

For help with chromebook or tablet functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your child's teacher to ensure the problem is with the device and not a website or online resource.

  2. If the teacher cannot help, visit the MSD of Wayne Township's website.

  3. Click on FAQs the Technical FAQs

  4. Read through the explanation at the top of the page and then the listed questions to see if the information you need is listed.

  5. If you are still having problems, click on the "I cannot find the answer to my question here." link to be taken to the online chat.

How does my child or student get a Chromebook? Students enrolled in all Wayne Township schools in all grade levels will be assigned a Chromebook once enrollment is complete.

How do I get internet help at home? Families needing help with internet access should contact their school and speak to the office staff about this. Comcast also has a low cost internet option. Information on this can be found at the Comcast Internet Essentials website.

Connect to mifi/wifi

Open the Technology Support Dashboard Document for help with connecting your device

How to take a Screenshot on a Chromebook.webm

How to take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

Here are the step by step instructions on how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook.

Compliments of NGC

My child is leaving Wayne and we want to make sure they can take some of their Google Drive files with them? First of all, we are sad to see you go! Use the links below to access how to documents.

Exporting data with Google Takeout

Transfer Wayne Google data to personal Google account with Takeout Transfer

My Chromebook has been surplussed to me via the Bridging the Gap program. How do I remove it from Wayne's management system? Use the directions on the How to Make Your Chromebook Your Own document to complete this task. Remember this will only work on Chromebooks that have been surplussed to students.

Where can I get my Bridging the Gap device repaired? There are a number of options close by. Use the link below to find a location that works for you.

Nearby options for Chromebook repair