Adding Calendars

To view a co-worker's calendar:

  1. Your co-worker must first complete the directions in the "Sharing Calendar" area here in the TRC.

  2. Open your MSD Wayne Calendar.

  3. On the left side of your calendar, click in the area titled "Add a coworker's calendar" and type their name. Once you've selected their name, you will have the access they've granted for their calendar. This could be full edit access, view access only, or Free/Busy only access.

To view a district calendar...

  1. On the left side of the screen next to "Add a coworker's calendar", click the "+" sign.

  2. Select "Browse Resources".

  3. Select the building to which the calendar is assigned.

  4. Place a check box next to the calendar you'd like to view.

  5. At the top on the left, click the arrow next to "Settings".

  6. Scroll down on the left at the bottom, and you will see the new calendar listed under "Other calendars".

  • You can hover over the calendar and click the three dots that appear to change the color of that calendar to keep it separate from the other calendars in your view.

  • You can also hide the calendar temporarily by unchecking the box to the left of the name of the calendar. To remove the calendar, click the "x" that appears when you hover over the calendar's name.

  • To get notifications when items are added or removed, click on the three dots and go to "Settings". You can change notification settings there.