eLearning Instructional Best Practices

Video Editing Software

Shotcut is a great free software you can use to edit videos.

Install directions for Shotcut on your Windows device

Video Creation tips

Quick tips about video length, interaction, teacher presence, and engagement for creating instructional videos.

Active reading strategies

Learn how to disrupt your students' tendency to skim text in order to promote deep reading and thinking.

Audio and Video feedback

Increase your online presence and save time by delivering your feedback by using audio and video feedback.

Lesson Design with Visual Media

Design your digital lessons with visual media first in order to increase student understanding and engagement.

choosing online tools

Use these strategies to choose online tools that will support student learning and streamline workflow.

supporting Students with disabilities

Use this resource to create and modify online instruction in order to increase access for students with disabilities.

synchronous student engagement strategies

Use these strategies to increase student participation in live discussions.

Reflection Activities

Build in these reflective activities to help students process information as they learn online.